Why NutrIn?

Nutrin is the only peanut company in the world that brings you Certainty.

Certainty of Quality

Nutrin peanut ingredients are produced in factories whose senior operating staff combine over 100 years in peanut processing plant construction and operation, peanut-related R&D, and peanut product QC.  As a result of this combined experience, Nutrin produces  the most intensely inspected and tested peanut ingredients in the world.  No other company matches our standards in accepting a high quality raw material, in unit operations aimed at aflatoxin control and product purity, in inspecting the intermediate products we produce during every step of our process, and in validating everything by continuous sampling and third-party testing of our finished products.  No one else even comes close.

Certainty of Supply

Nutrin peanut ingredients are made from peanuts sourced in 5 different growing areas and processed in 4 different countries. Any growing area can have a crop failure, or a climactic problem leading to aflatoxin or other quality issues.  Punitive Customs Duties and Quotas can be imposed with little or no notice by one country on peanut products coming from another, as a result of trade disputes. And beyond  the risks inherent in any crop, beyond the risk of interruption due to political instability,  economic instability,  or even war, there are the everyday risks inherent in operating factories. A factory may catch fire. It may flood. These things can happen to anyone. But Nutrin won't leave you high and dry. Because of our diversified sourcing and processing, we can recover better than any other peanut ingredient company anywhere from events such as these. Nutrin offers its customers the most robust supply in the industry.

Local Presence

Our salesforce, our warehouses, our banks, our administration, our inventory, and our service providers, they are all in your economic zone. They speak your language.  They work in your currency. If you have a problem, we are there to resolve it. You won't have to email the other side of the planet at odd hours of the night, or pray that an insurance company based in some backwater country will answer your phone call (much less process your claim).

These features make Nutrin the only name in the peanut industry that equates with Quality, Reliability, and Certainty.

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