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If it's a peanut product, we probably make it. Our ingredients may be classifed as either solid or liquid

Solid Products

Nutrin has an industry-wide reputation of offering the purest peanuts in the world, having invested many millions of dollars in equipment and  many man-years of R&D searching for ever-more-sophisticated ways to bring the amount of foreign matter present in roasted peanuts to nearly zero.

Crushed Peanuts

Peanuts are unique in that they grow underground, and yet are not ground prior to being used in food. More than 40% of farm-stock peanuts consists of shells, twigs, earth, and a vast list of contaminant materials found in the ground. Removal of this foreign matter is exceptionally complex due to its quantity and diversity, and Nutrin takes great pride in having developed the technological tools necessay to offer its customers the highest purity peanut ingredients in the world.

liquid Products

Peanut flavor  is often supplied in liquid form, not only because of the mechanical convenience of dispensing liquids, but because the grind is so fine as to maximize the peanut flavor effect on the palate.  A single peanut, when placed in a mouth, can only coat a small surface of the tongue and palate.

Peanut Extract

And yet that same peanut, ground into a paste or butter, or otherwise converted into liquid form, can coat the entire palate, giving off a vastly stronger flavor effect.

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