Our Commitment

Our company is committed to participating in the betterment of the planet by several means

Cooperative Farming

We encourage cooperative farming by providing technical and financial assistance to agricultural cooperatives, which in turn transfer that help to their farmer-members.   Cooperatives empower small farmers by giving them access to the technological tools and economies of scale they need to compete effectively against large corporate and commercial farming operations.

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Organic Farming

We participate in the evolution toward a more  sustainable planet by supporting organic farming in places where local conditions make such endeavors viable.

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We constantly review our processes and procedures from factory through distribution, with an eye to reducing our carbon footprint through logistical efficiencies. We also constantly review and update our various packaging formats in the interest of reducing waste. The relatively long supply chain we operate is continually checked and reviewed, to ensure that our products only utilize logistics that are secure, efficient, and reliable. Our company is an active participant in the Customs-Trade Anti-Terrorism Program, and has maintained Level-2 Verified participation in that program since its inception.

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